Being part of the landlocked province, the circulation system of the municipality has been mainly through its road network and corresponding bridge linkages between bodies of water.  A total of 148,265.68 kilometers of road network traverse the municipality. The barangay road has the most number which comprises 65%,followed by the provincial road which is 15% and is serving barangay Kalabugao, Hagpa, La Fortuna, Cawayan and Kibenton, the national highways along Poblacion, Capitan Bayong and Impalutao while the municipal road is within barangay Poblacion only.

Based on the standards requirements, the length of road network has been meet but with the present scenario more road construction has to be established since mobility is still a problem in some area of the municipality.

All barangays proper of the municipality is accessible with vehicles but during rainy days a four wheel drive is necessary considering that majority of this roads are unpaved roads. Only 16.006 km are concrete and 23,394.68 are asphalt and the rest are gravel and earth fill. Concrete and asphalt roads are mostly situated in Poblacion since these are municipal roads and national highways.

Upgrading the road to an all weather road and putting the needed complementary infrastructures is difficult in the part of the Municipal government. This implies that all road establishment and upgrading will have to be through joint undertakings with partners who has the interest and capacity to partly finance the infrastructure operation.


Effective and efficient delivery of social services will not only matter on the human capital but it matters most on the kind of facilities/utilities/amenities the Local Government Unit provides.

In the survey conducted by NSO, makeshifts or baron-barong registered a high percentage gap as to housing backlog with 287.50 percent.

At present, there are two (2) existing housing projects the Sinabualan Subdivision located at Purok 6 has 61 housing units in a 1.0115 hectares lot and 29 units are vacant ready for occupancy to interested families. This housing project was realized in coordination with the National Housing Authority, Pag-ibig and the Local Government unit who own the land.

Another housing project is established in Purok 3 also in the Poblacion named the Impasugong Village Sites and Services (IVSS). It has 114 units in a 2.5353 hectares donated by the Provincial Government to the Local Government Unit of Impasugong. At present 108 units are already occupied while 6 units are vacant. The LGU supported the establishment of road network, sewerage and drainage and provision of electricity and water supply at Village Sites and Services (IVSS) project. This project is in partnership with Gawad Kalinga and Eveready Battery.

Furthermore, the municipal government is planning to establish another low cost housing project with 111 units in a two hectares lot at the Agro Industrial Trade Center (AITC). The target beneficiaries of this project are employees of the municipality and other low income families.

The LGU identified expansion area for residential zone & socialized housing and established another housing sub-division to answer the increasing demand of housing units.

The Municipal Health Office provides primary curative and preventive services including general medical services, dental services, maternal and child health, health promotion and education and sanitary improvement programs.

A Maternal Care Recovery Facility is established for mothers who give birth in the center and needed a safe place to rest and recover. It will also be used for those high risk mothers from far flung barangays making sure that delivery will be made in the center.

The barangay Health Stations are established in every barangay manned by Rural Health Midwives and barangay Health Workers (BHW) which offers services such as MCH, child care, EPI, family planning, consultation, sputum and Pap smear examinations and ES.

Botika ng barangay are established making sure that low cost medicines are available in the 13 barangays.

The requirements for doctors, nurses, midwives and sanitary inspectors will increase in 2010 onwards basing on the standard 1 health personnel for every 20,000 population. At present, the 12 midwives are handling almost four thousand patients/clients each still manageable based on standard for midwife at 1:5,000. But as population increases, there is a need for additional midwives.

The local government unit assigned a commando type 4 x 4 jeep and an ambulance in the rural health unit for their mobility.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has established in the 13 barangays of Impasugong 28 primary and elementary schools and three (3) public secondary schools with main campus in Poblacion and Kalabugao and extension high school in Capitan Bayong.

At Sitio Mintapod, Hagpa, a School for Indigenous Knowledge for Arts and Traditions (SIKAT) was established catering basic education for our indigenous communities. This is in partnership with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)-NMCIREMP.

The current teacher-pupil ratio is pegged at 1:45 or one (1) teacher for every 45 pupils. Among the elementary schools that have a higher rate as to teacher-pupil ratio of the standard allowable which is 1:50 are Bontongon ES with 1:51 ratio, Bulonay ES with 1:64, Kubayan ES 1:51, New Imbatog ES 1:54 and Ulayanon ES with 1:52.

For the secondary level, the ratio is 1:44 teacher per student.

The standard or ideal classroom-pupil ratio is at 1:44 but there are schools that have a higher pupil-classroom ratio namely the Impasugong Central Elementary School with ratio of 1:50, Bulonay ES with 1:64, Bundaan ES with 1:95 or more than double, Capitan Bayong ES 1:50, Intavas ES 1:50, Kubayan ES 1:51 and New Imbatog ES with 1:54 ratio.

For the high school level, Impasugong National High School have a student-classroom ratio of 1:65, Kalabugao National High School at 1:55 ratio while Capitan Bayong High School extension registered a student-classroom ratio of 1:46 Combining the current ratio of these schools, it has an average ratio of 1:61 or 61 students in one classroom, higher that the allowable standard of 1:50.

About 31 school buildings needs repairs, 8 schools needs additional one classroom building due to increase in enrolment and these are Bundaan ES, Intavas ES, Kalipayan Ps, Kibuwa ES, Kubayan Es, La Fortuna ES, New Imbatog ES and San Juan ES. The rest of the school buildings are still in good condition.

In the secondary level, the Impasugong National High School has 17 buildings and seven (7) of these structure needs slight repairs. Kalabugao National High School have 7 school buildings and 2 buildings needs repair while the extension high school at Capitan Bayong has 2 new and in good condition school buildings.

The municipal government established 39 day care centers scattered in all 13 barangays and sitios. The two private learning centers for pre-schoolers in the Poblacion are the Mother Rita Barcelo learning Center managed by catholic nuns and the Fellowship Fundamental Baptist Kindergarten.

Peace and order situation of the Municipality remained normal though the Local Police Office is very much undermanned with only 20 policemen and one police official. The ideal number of police in relation to the number of population is one per 500 persons and the minimum is one policeman per 1,000 persons. which is below the ideal size. Barangay Tanods augment this limited police force in every barangay. Civilian police multipliers are also organized.

The municipality has a local fire station manned by seven firemen including one (1) Fire Commission Officer with one fire truck.

At present, a spacious gymnasium is used as venue for basketball tournaments held annually sponsored by the municipal government. Basketball courts are constructed in 13 barangays numbering 29. There are also five (5) covered courts constructed located at Kalabugao, Kibenton, Capitan Bayong, Dumalaguing and Poblacion.

A beautiful and well maintained municipal plaza is locatedd in the Poblacion. A tennis court is also available for use within the municipal plaza. Rest rooms for male and female users are also constructed. The 13 barangays have also their own plazas where residents can stroll and socialized. Playgrounds are also constructed in the barangays were children can play and enjoy.

The Social Welfare Officer is mandated to care, protect, rehabilitate the socially disadvantages population of the municipality. It includes the senior citizens, youth, children in need of special protection, women and children. The office has two (2) permanent social welfare workers and one (1) casual employee catering the need of clients and the communities. Its manpower could not cope up to cover and reach out the 13 barangays regularly and to effectively implement the social welfare programs.


Power facilities

The Bukidnon Second District Electric Cooperative (BUSECO) has established power lines in the eleven barangays of Impasugong. Only two barangays are not served by the cooperative considering the cost of putting the power structures due to its distance from the main line. Barangay Dumalaguing has established its own micro hydro electric power system while Bontongon is utilizing the solar energy installed by the National Telecommunication Corporation and a fuel driven generator.

Out of the 7,294 households only 3,646 are energized which is only 46.37%. The most number is La fortuna, while the least is Bulonay not to mention Bontongon and Dumalaguing.

Power shortage is sometimes experienced in the Municipality. Power fluctuation is very common. This endangers the appliances, computers, and other electrically powered equipments and machines in the area.

A mini-hyro plant in Barangay Poblacion utilizing Panoon Falls has been constructed by UPP-AC, a private investor. This plant is expected to generate 226 KW once operational. This power plant can augment the supply of electricity to company presently serving the area.

Reaching out those barangays and sitios without access to electricity has been assured by Bukidnon Second District Electric Cooperative (BUSECO) through its community development program in partnership with the government.

Water facilities

The municipality of Impasugong has two major watersheds namely the Pulangi and Tagoloan Watershed. Watershed protection and rehabilitation should be properly implemented to insure that no further serious destruction be made to the environment.

Potable water in this type of system is made available with a little distant in every household. The water supply is taken from a natural spring abundant in the surrounding. Different technology of impounding the water for public use has been tested. These includes the technology brought in by the civil society sector like the KAANIB, Catholic Relief Service, Lutheran World Relief, and many others of the Jar type 5000 liters water reservoir that cost approximately Php 20,000 – 30,000.

All of the central areas of the thirteen barangays have potable water system. Though these potable water systems are usually of level two there is a need to upgrade the system and bring the potable water into the houses of the families. This will need substantial funds in order to undertake the said venture.

The municipality is bounded with numerous waterfalls which can be developed as a tourist haven. Among them are the water falls within the Impalutao Reforestation project. There is an existing com-management agreement between the Local Government and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR).

Communication Network

The telecommunication companies of Globe and Smart have established strategic towers within the municipality.  The Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (Sun cell) had also installed a relay tower in Barangay Guihean but there is still no network connection for Sun Cell in the municipality. Some parts of the municipality has no network connection in all types of telecommunication. They have to be contented of the old system of communication.

In the other areas of the municipality, communication has been through personal contacts, radio based system and postal services. A radio based communication system is installed at the municipal hall that connects to almost all barangays except for barangay Bulonay and Hagpa. For these barangays inter barangay coordination is initiated to relay messages.

At present there is no landline communication company operating in the municipality but recently the Local Government Unit entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with SOTELCO for the establishment of a landline telephone in Impasugong. A counterpart fund has been provided by the LGU for the realization of this project.