Revenue Sources

The major sources of revenues of the municipality are the Internal Revenue Allotment which constitutes 94%, miscellaneous operating income which includes interest, income on deposits and collection on water system operations and real property tax which is the lowest sourcebecause the alienable & disposable lands of the municipality is only 18%.

Municipal Market
Municipal Market

The comparative income for five years, calendar year 2004 to calendar year 2008 shows a prevalent percentage increase in the IRA share. However, local sources show an indicative increase in collection by calendar year 2008 due to the initial implementation of the new tax ordinance of the local government unit.


 The estimated number of members in the labor force is 12,398 total individuals where only 11,434 are employed which constitutes 92.22% of the total number. Out of this number 75% are male. Unemployment rate is almost 8% which is much higher compared to the national figure which is only 6.3%.

 Average Family Income and Expenditures

More than one half of the number of families has an average family income of Php50,000.00 which is very much below the national average family income of Php173,000.00 for calendar year 2006.